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Cycletourer logoThrough this site we hope to share some of the great times my wife and I have had cycle touring, and give some help and information to those who might consider cycle touring as an alternative type of holiday. Cycle touring with a tent is a great way to see and explore a country. Here are a few things to recommend it.

  • It's a relaxing way to see the country side, you tend to see and experience more of the country side from a bike than a car!
  • There's more chance to explore the countryside by taking quieter tracks and lanes.
  • You can go at your own pace, we have a brief idea of a route, but adjust it to how we feel and weather conditions.
  • If we find a place that we like, we often stay for a few days and explore before moving on.
  • It's not as expensive as some holidays. It's a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel.
  • By staying on local campsites and tourist farms there is more chance of getting to know the local people and understanding their culture.

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'Unfortunately we do not organise cycling tours or holidays, we just hope that the information contained in these pages might help or inspire you to organise your own'.

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Bicycle Traveler Magazine

Bicycle traveller magazine'Bicycle Traveler' is a free international magazine devoted to bicycle touring. Packed with stunning photography and entertaining stories, it will make you want to grab your bike and hit the road. You can download it from

Grace Johnson who is the founding editor and designer of Bicycle Traveler magazine in colaboration with photographer Paul Jeurissen have produced some great free eBooks.

Bike Touring Basics: a how-to guide
Bicycling Around the World: a photo eBook
* Bicycle Touring Photography – A quick guide to taking better pics
Burma by Bike: a short guide to bicycle touring in Myanmar
Little Red Cyclist: a photography eBook
Food for Remote areas of Argentina and Chile

Update on Justice for Michael and his family

Michael Manson70-year old Michael Mason was cycling home on Regent Street on the evening of 25th February 2014, when he was hit by a car, causing his death on 14th March. Michael was apparently riding correctly, with fully functioning bike lights on a well-lit street. Other witnesses had no difficulty seeing him. The driver admitted at Michael's inquest that she couldn’t explain her failure to see him, even though he was directly in front of her when she ran into him. Detective Inspector Nick Mason in his final review of the case and reasons for not referring this case to the CPS, stated “He [Michael Mason] was not wearing any high visibility clothing, nor was he wearing a safety helmet though his bicycle was displaying a red light at the rear and a white light on the front.”

Sadly the Cyclists' Defence Fund's private prosecution to bring justice for Michael and his family has ended in the driver's acquittal. You can read Duncan Dollimore's account of preceedings in the Old Bailey here.

First Aid AppCycling First Aid

As a touring cyclists it is always useful to know your First Aid in case of an accident or ermergency and we would always reccomend gettting some First Aid training. Second to that download the St John ambulance First Aid App specially written for cyclists to your Android phone or iPhone.